A bit about my Cattery and me

I have been a member of ČSCH since 1989 and I have been breeding cats since 1990. My Cattery „Z Hvozdnice*CZ“ was registered with FIFE (Fédératión Internationale Féline) in 1991 and it became an international registered Cattery in 1996. Why „Z Hvozdnice*CZ“? The reason is simple. There is a protected landscape area with river called Hvozdnice in our town

When I was a little girl, we always had cats. I used to go to cat shows with my parents. When I was older I wanted to have own cats and go to cat shows. As I was older I had more and more cats.

About my cats

I have been breeding Persian cats in past but I started breeding British Shorthair cats since 1999.

Nowadays I have:

Females Males
CH Ynobe z Hvozdnice *CZ - BRI j 03 22 SC Enrico Belle Hameja Blue *CZ - BRI a 24
Miss Mella Finch Nest *PL - BRI a GIC Emmet Elroy de Wink *CZ - BRI e 03


British Shorthair females neuter Males neuter
Angela Lucky Pet *CZ - BRI f 24 GIP Oskar z Hvozdnice *CZ - BRI n 24
CH Ajka Arlet Neu Star *CZ -BRI c 22  
CH Beatrix z Hvozdnice *CZ - BRI n  

They have a lot of free space in our family house (4+1+2) with balcony. They are not allowed to go to the garden. Cats are our darlings and became members of our family. We don´t like breeding them in cages. We also have Rhodesian Ridgeback called Antarek - he is a cat friend.

I want to breed healthy kittens without any genetic defects. Our kittens have pedigree, they are vacctinationed, dewormed, independent and hygieneminded. Each female cat has kittens twice a year in various colours such as: black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream with or without tabby. All our cats get quality food.

Kittens can go to new owners at the age of 12 weeks, they also get pedigree and certificate of vaccination. I always do a contract of purchase as well. Kittens can be useful for cat shows and for breeding but it does not have to be a requirement. Please, do not hesitate do visit us. You are welcome.



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